A Celiac Review of Chop Stix in Atlantis

Chop Stix in Atlantis- Celiac ReviewI am frequently asked if I only publish positive reviews. It’s true that I’m fortunate. Thorough research, the rise in dedicated gluten free establishments and increased food allergy awareness, I’ve been able to maintain a pretty good track record for eating out. However, a look at some past posts would prove that this is not always the case.

Celiac and Food Allergy Dining at Atlantis

Atlantis, Bahamas

I just returned returned from Atlantis, where I ate safely and even enjoyed a delicious meal at Mesa Grill. While I’m a very strong advocate for myself, there are cases where I would not return to a restaurant, nor would I highly recommend it for others. Chop Stix is one of those places.

Chop Stix in Atlantis- Celiac Review

Inside Chop Stix!

Atlantis has a fairly strong allergy policy. There is a form that you send in before arriving, and most restaurants will have received it. (Chop Six had not.) Either way, once you arrive the chef will come out to speak with you.

At Chop Stix, I faced a bit of a translation barrier as I began describing my food allergies. This was a fairly nerve wracking experience for me, and my sister was convinced that I was going to return to Mesa Grill to eat. However, after a little bit of talking, I found out that they had gluten free soy sauce. The chef then told me about how he would make a stir fry in a designated area and told me every ingredient!

Chop Stix in Atlantis- Celiac Review

My Stir Fry with GF Soy Sauce

The stir fry also came with a bowl of white rice. I had the leftover rice boxed at the end of the meal. As you may know, I brought all my breakfasts and lunches with me to Atlantis, so the white rice was a nice addition to my lunches too!

Chop Stix in Atlantis- Celiac Review

Perfect for lunches throughout the week!

My meal was a little blander than one might expect as I didn’t particularly like the gluten free soy sauce. However, I was so grateful to be able to enjoy this meal, and let my family enjoy their chinese food.

Chop Stix in Atlantis- Celiac Review

My family’s meal (NOT gluten free)

Even though I didn’t get sick, this was a bit too stressful of an eating situation for my preferences. If we return to Atlantis, I’ll be stopping by Mesa Grill and Olive (review coming soon).

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!

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