A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland, MA

A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland

The Local (Wayland, MA)

Happy Travel Tuesday! Today, I’m staying close to home at a restaurant known as the Local. My mom used to dine out here once a week, yet had never brought me along until we read some positive reviews on Find Me Gluten Free. So, needless to say, this restaurant started out as a family favorite.

When you enter the Local be sure to ask for the gluten free menu. You can also check it out online before you go. The Local also serves a full gluten-filled menu as well, so you’ll need to let your waiter/waitress know about your celiac disease and/or any other food allergies when you sit down.

(If you do only eat at dedicated gluten free establishments, this won’t be the place for you, but I have reviews of those too!)

A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland

Ask for the Gluten Free Menu when you enter. THEN, be sure to identify yourself as a celiac to your waiter/waitress as well!

So far The Local has done a great job with all my gluten free orders. They’ll clean down a part of the kitchen, and alert the kitchen staff to the allergy/celiac order. They also have an allergen fryer for french fries, which is one of my favorite parts. And, you can of course ask to speak with a manager/chef. All my meals have always been hand delivered to the table separately.

A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland

There’s an outdoor seating area for a beautiful day!

As for the food it’s scrumptious, and definitely equivalent to the gluten-filled menu. My favorite part is the french fries. (But, that’s almost always my favorite part because I get so excited about allergen fryers.) The fries here have some herbs on top that truly elevate the dish as well.

A Celiac Review of the Local in WaylandDuring my first visit, I stuck with an easy meal: a hamburger. I hadn’t been to the Local before, so I wanted to play it as safe as possible. I asked about all the kitchen surfaces (to pan fry the hamburger and such). And, in the end I had a classic American meal cooked just how I like it (medium rare).

A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland

Steak Tips!

My next visit, I ventured a little bit more to try the steak tips. (These are also dairy free.) I was excited about all the flavor that the marinade provided in this dish. In fact, accompanied by the fries, this is definitely one of my favorite meals to eat out.

While it’s not a dedicated gluten free spot, The Local takes it’s celiac orders very seriously. I appreciate how they always check in on me after my meal as well!

A Celiac Review of the Local in Wayland

Classic Burger! Note the bacon on the side. Yum! Plus, the ketchup comes out separately, so you don’t need to worry about cross contact with a shared bottle from another table! (They have GF buns too. I chose not to get one.)

What are your favorite gluten free spots in the Boston area?! Have you ever been to the Local before?

Happy Travels, and have a wonderful week!

* Written as of August 2015.

** The Local has other locations that I have not visited. This review is specific to the Wayland location.


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