Celiac Review Babycakes NYC in Disney Springs

Happy Magical Monday! Today’s post is all about Babycakes NYC: their storefront in Downtown Disney, their locations throughout the parks, AND their birthday cakes!

Babycakes NYC in Disney

I love the cute storefront in Downtown Disney!

Most importantly, Babycakes NYC is a dedicated gluten free establishment, which means I never have to worry about cross-contact. While Disney is great about food allergies and celiac disease, it’s nice to be able to step into a store and not worry about all the other food around me.

AND, if you remember my trip around the parks last year to find Erin McKenna’s doughnuts, my journey is now much shorter because they’re storefront in Downtown Disney has reopened. AND, they also label which goods are sold at which locations on their website now. Phew!


Disney Springs!

We’ll start with the Disney Springs location. They have a fully stocked storefront!

Babycakes NYC in Disney

Some of the selections at Babycakes in Disney Springs.

One reason I enjoy Babycakes is because I can’t have tapioca starch, and they do have a group of products that don’t use it. While that limits my options, I enjoyed stocking up on brownies and doughnuts. The doughnuts are a little “cakey,” but it makes for such a sweet treat! (And, be sure to buy extras for breakfast the next day!)

Babycakes NYC

Chocolate Covered Doughnut!

The brownies are by far my favorite. You can buy larger brownies at the storefront, but I like the mini ones with frosting. There’s even Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips inside of them! There are four different flavors: coffee, chocolate, strawberry, and mint. Strawberry is my favorite!

BabyCakes NYC in Disney

You can buy Babycakes products throughout the park at places like the Beach Club!

To see which vendors are selling which products, you can check on Erin McKenna’s website before your next Disney vacation. And, my last allergy dining trick needs to be planned FAR IN ADVANCE.

For my birthday, my mom surprised me with a Babycakes NYC cake. It was magical because I had a gluten, dairy, and egg free cake on my birthday AND in Disney! The bakery will deliver to any of the restaurants in town, so we had ours brought to Le Cellier in EPCOT. And, the cake was beautiful!

Babycakes NYC in Disney

My Birthday Cake! (GF, V)

One lesson I learned from reading Erin McKenna’s cookbooks and from my own baking experiments is that gluten free and vegan goods tend to be best when they are mini size. It’s easier to get the texture and moistness down, which is why I loved the brownie bites above. Thus, the cake didn’t have the same texture that I love, but the frosting was tasty. And, I’m so glad there’s an option for allergy friendly birthday cakes in Disney World! Babycakes NYC in Disney

Babycakes NYC is a great addition to our Disney trip, and I hope it sticks around in Downtown Disney for a long time.

Have a magical week! BabyCakes NYC in Disney

* Magical Mondays will be running through June and July of 2015. All reviews are written about my trip to Disney World in May of 2015, and will not be updated to reflect more recent changes.


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