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Be Our Guest is by far my favorite quick service lunch option in all of the Disney Parks. And, I’m not alone. The dining location opens at 10:30 am, but to avoid a long line during the busy season, you’ll have to arrive between 10 and 10:15. The wait is well worth it! After visiting this new dining location last year, we were so impressed that we came back again this year! (And, honestly, the wait isn’t too bad if you get there early). So, what makes this dining attraction so popular?! First, there is a majestic atmosphere. A beautiful scenery is first set while you’re waiting in line outside at the foot of the Beast’s Castle.

Be Our Guest at WDW Review

At least there’s a pretty view as you wait in line!

And, if you’re worried about the Florida heat, Disney thought of that too. Once you get far enough up in line, they hand out umbrellas to block the sun! (I thought they were funny at first, but they really cool you off). Be Our Guest at WDW Review Inside  the magic continues as you pick between three rooms to enjoy your meal: the West Wing, the Ballroom, the Rose Gallery.  The Rose Gallery is our favorite, but the West Wing is elaborately decorated. It’s a little dark for our taste, but be sure to check it out.

Be Our Guest at WDW Review

Early enough to pick any table in the Rose Gallery!

After you sit down, a server will deliver your meal to your table for you! (They’ll track you with your magic band, or they have roses to track your location if you have a traditional ticket). The next reason to dine here, besides the ample amount of indoor seating, is the food! While all the food is quick service, each meal at Be Our Guest has an extra dash of sophistication.

Take for instance the Croque Monsieur, which is not GF, but a delicious meal that my sister enjoyed. It’s a “grilled sandwich of carved ham and gruyere cheese and béchamel with pommes frites.” Okay, so the “pomme frites” is just a fancy word for french fries. But, the béchamel really knocked this dish up a notch. (And, the chef told my sister that he would make her a version without it if she didn’t like it.)
Be Our Guest at WDW Review

My Sister’s Meal- NOT GF. But, most likely not everyone in your party has celiac disease. :)

Now, for the Gluten Free Options!  First, be sure to ask for a manager/chef when you get up to the front of the line. They’ll prepare your meal and deliver it to your table. (It’ll be separate from the rest of your party if you’re the only one with food allergies). This step is key since the kitchen does contain gluten-ingredients (as featured above). The reason that I love Be Our Guest is because so many of the menu options are gluten free to start. While my mom doesn’t have celiac disease (and she’s not gluten free either), the meal she chose happened to be!

Be Our Guest at WDW Review

Tuna Nicoise Salad – GF

As you can see the Tuna Niçoise Salad contains an egg, so I couldn’t have it. However, I love the beautiful presentation that goes into the quick service options at Be Our Guest. Plus, this plate truly is a full meal that will nourish you for the rest of your day in the park. While you could order this meal without the egg, it would be less filling (according to my mom’s review).

But there are also Gluten and Allergy Friendly Options! It’s hard for something to be “allergy friendly” because we all have different food allergies, but this menu avoids a lot of the Top 8 allergens. The quick service lunch that I’ve now had twice is the quinoa salad, which contains green beans, potatoes, olives, roasted bell peppers, golden beets and tomatoes. Seriously, where else can you go in Disney and get quinoa as a quick service option?! I absolutely love Be Our Guest!

Be Our Guest Review

GF, DF, and EF

From the array of options to the helpfulness of the staff, I highly recommend checking out Be Our Guest as a quick service location during your time in the Magic Kingdom. But, be sure to arrive early!

For more information about Be Our Guest or to make a reservation, visit the WDW website. Reservations for dinner will fill up close to 180 days in advance. Disney describes the food as American and French, and the cost for dinner is ranked as $$ (15-29.99 per adult).

Have you ever dined at Be Our Guest with celiac disease or a food allergy? Or without? What’s your favorite quick service restaurant in Disney Parks? And, if you booked early enough to get a dinner reservation, I’m extremely impressed! 

Have a Magical Monday! 

Be Our Guest Review

Belated Patriotic Throwback to my Fourth of July on the Disney Cruise! (2004)

P.S: The self-service stations now have an allergy menu, so you know what options contain gluten or any of the top 8 allergens. While this is awesome,  be sure to talk to someone about your allergies before ordering!


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