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On the Road Again

Recently I’ve been traveling a little farther than Colorado, Massachusetts, and Disney. This has made listing my Restaurant Reviews by state nearly impossible. So, I created an Interactive Map that is easy to navigate and links to all my reviews! And that’s not all, I FINALLY made my way over to Facebook. (I’m still not on Instagram y’all, that’s a little too hip for me.)

With all these updates, here’s an overview of how to make the most of your GF Life 24/7 experience!

The Blog

The blog layout works the same as always! You can sign up to follow by email on the left hand sign of the page. The newest feature is the Interactive Map, which can be found in the MAP! tab under Travel ReviewsMy other favorite feature of GF Life 24/7 is the Recipe Tab, which color codes any Big 8 allergen in one of my recipes. 

Following the blog by email is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to miss a post. Or someone, who like me, prefers email to other forms of social media! 

Facebook (

Facebook Logo You can like my Facebook page on the lefthand side of the page or make your way over there. You’ll find three important tabs on my Facebook Page.

  • Photos: Includes albums featuring all my creations and links to the recipes!
  • Restaurant Reviews: Includes the Interactive Map that you can also find on my blog.
  • Team GF: Will redirect you to my fundraising page for Team GF! Most of you don’t know that I’ll be running Disney’s Coast-to-Coast marathon this November to raise money for the Celiac Disease Foundation. While there’s more to come on this later, feel free to check it out now too! Any donation or share is greatly appreciated. heart

Hopefully the Facebook page will allow those of you without a blog to like, comment, and share posts more easily! I also think the photo album is a great way to take a glimpse at all the recipes on GF Life 24/7. 

Twitter (@GFLife247)

Twitter Disney

A Twitter Exclusive Picture!

Twitter will remain the go-to source for all kinds of pictures and updates! For example, did you know that I made chewy chocolate cookies yesterday? It’s one of my favorite recipes! Or, have you been able to follow me LIVE across one of my road trips? This is also where I share my favorite posts and recipes from other blogs.

There you have it! You are now armed with all the information necessary to decide how YOU want to follow GF Life 24/7!

In the upcoming week, I’ll be posting a new restaurant review from NY, a Magical Monday post about the Disney Cruise, and a brand new recipe. But, until then, Happy Cooking!


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