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Jill Pryor (@jill_evepryor) recently tagged me in her Blog Your Heart Out chain letter.  She’s awesome! You should check out her  gluten free blog and/or her creative crafts blog. Now, when Jill’s invitation came along, I had been pondering how to share more of my story, beyond my About Me page. So, I am more than thrilled to participate. Let’s get started!

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

I'm pretty corny too.

I’m pretty corny, but I can be lovable too!

I frequently visit Beaver Creek mountain out in Colorado.  Shortly after my diagnosis I realized there were relatively few (if any) celiac/GF focused reviews of the restaurants around the mountains. Trust me, I searched long and hard for them.  Fortunately, I had many positive (and a few less positive) experiences. So, on a plane ride back I started GF Life 24/7 to share my reviews of restaurants from an allergy and celiac perspective.

I only intended to blog about restaurants.  I know quite a bit about Disney World as well, so I thought those two locations could be my niche.  But, for some reason, after I finished my Beaver Creek reviews, I kept blogging. So far, I haven’t stopped. I love the support of the online GF/celiac community (and all other kinds of bloggers as well).

I look forward to finding ways to spread celiac awareness through my blog as well!

How did you choose what to blog about?

That’s simple. Unless you wanted to read about mathematics, I didn’t really have another topic!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Most of my friends and family don’t know that I cook. Half of them are still convinced my mom cooks everything on my blog! She does help out a bit, but I always give her credit for her creations. 🙂

On the other hand, most of my readers have no idea that I really couldn’t cook before my celiac diagnosis. Let’s step back to the day of my celiac blood test.  My sister had just been accepted into a university and I was baking her a cake (which I had never done before).

The recipe told me to “return to the pot and stir until thickened.”  So, I walked back over to the stove and began stirring the pot of boiling milk. I stood there stirring the milk and waiting for it to thicken. I waited and waited, but nothing happened! At least ten minutes passed before my mom entered the kitchen and started laughing! Apparently, I was supposed to return the ingredients to the pot too, not just my own body. After explaining that I had to put the other ingredients in the milk before stirring, I started over and successfully created my first (and only) gluten-filled cake!

My last gluten-filled creation!

My First and Last Gluten-Filled Creation

There are dozens of similar stories. For example,  just  before the cake fiasco, I burnt chocolate chips in the microwave. I actually used to do that more often than I’d like to admit. My family fondly refers to me as Ameila Bedelia.

But, don’t worry! The recipes I post are tested multiple times and vetted through my family first. However, if you ever have any critiques or suggestions, I’m open ears.  I’m still learning how to cook, and can’t wait to learn more! 

What are three words that describe your style/your blog?

Hungry. I might not be hungry, but my blog may disagree! I constantly post pictures of food, but he never gets to eat them. Poor blog. 🙁

OrganizedHave you seen my Recipe Tab?! It labels the Big 8 allergens in each of my recipes. (And, I might be adding corn soon).  I’m working on improving the organization of my review page this summer too. 🙂

Positive. While it wasn’t my primary focus, it’s the first quality most people use to describe GF Life 24/7. And, I’m a pretty positive person, so why not?

Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

P.S: Did you notice that in alphabetical order these qualities spell out hop? In middle school, I won the “Energizer Bunny Award” on our tennis team each year!

What do you love to do when you are not blogging?

Beyond being a blogger, I’m a hiker, reader, runner, skier, and snowboarder. Oh, and I cook too. 🙂

More About Blog Your Heart Out

blog your heart out

Blog Your Heart Out is a modern day chain letter, where you answer the 5 questions above and then tag 5 other bloggers to give their answers! So without further ado, I tag five of my favorite bloggers (who you should definitely check out).

While I would love to hear each and every one of your stories, there’s no pressure to participate. You could write a brief comment here, or your own full-length post as well. It was certainly about time that I shared my story, so I hope you enjoyed!

That being said, to ALL my blogging friends & readers, why do you blog your heart out? I’d love to know!! 


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