Bōl (Vail Village)

I ended up eating at Bōl by mistake when I left my lunchbox in the refrigerator at home! However, it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up having a blast.  Bōl is a bowling alley that serves fairly gourmet food.  (The other half of the establishment is a regular restaurant).  And, while I went there on my trip to Beaver Creek,  Bōl is located in Vail Village about a 20 minute drive away. NY Strip at a Bowling Alley

On their menu they mark items that can be prepared gluten free.  However, we talked to the chef to ensure that my meal was prepared in a separate pan and when the meal came out with onion crisps that I was not expecting, we double checked that they were gluten free as well.  My meal was tasty.  Honestly, how many people eat a NY strip in a  bowling alley?! My only complaint was that the veggies had too much salt.  Frequently, salt is used to compensate for the lack of sauce.  Here, my veggies were so salty, I felt as though I was eating french fries (which I admit most people would enjoy).

Now, Bōl is still relatively new and therefore very popular.  They start taking reservations one month in advance, so be sure to call early! On top of being a bowling alley, there are sports and typically a freestyle skiing video playing on large monitors as well.  For more information visit http://www.bolvail.com.

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