An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton’s Grill

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Burton’s Grill in Charlottesville

Earlier this month as I was looking for a restaurant where I could eat by my aunt’s house, I stumbled upon Burton’s Grill on Find Me Gluten Free. While it wasn’t a dedicated gluten free restaurant, we gave it a shot after reading amazing reviews. And, after being impressed, I decided to dine out at a Burton’s again on my road trip last week too. (Don’t worry I had a back up plan in case I felt uncomfortable at the new location.)

Here are a few things that make Burton’s Grill special: the CEO has celiac disease and the VP of Operations has a shrimp allergy. They intend to cater to those with any form of a gluten sensitivity, which means many menu items don’t contain gluten.

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Burton’s Grill in Hingham

While there are special plates for gluten free meals, a gluten sensitive menu, communication from the manager & chef, it’s always important to make your own decisions when dining out. That being said, here are the two wonderful experiences that I had at Burton’s Grill!

Hingham, MA

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Fall Decorations Outside

My first trip to Burton’s was with my aunt! As we checked in I asked for the gluten sensitive menu. When our waitress came over, I told her about my food allergies, and before she had even left the manager was over to talk to us about my dietary requirements. He told me about the precautions they take, answered any questions that I had, etc.

Now, just because I love when there’s a dedicated fryer, I ordered a burger and fries. And, yes, they have a gluten free bun. And, yes, I believe it’s even vegan. But, I happen not to be able to eat it nonetheless.

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Burger, Bacon, and Fries at Burton’s in MA

My meal came out on a square plate, just as the manager had told me it would. 🙂 The burger was juicy and cooked to order. And, the fries were perfect. (I just really have a soft spot for fries and dedicated fryers.)

My aunt who accompanied me didn’t have any dietary requirements, but ordered the beet salad, which can be prepared in a gluten free manner as well. It was so beautifully prepared (and I heard it was tasty too).

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

My Aunt’s Meal: Beet Salad (May be gluten free, not dairy free)

She is so sweet and would go to any exotic restaurant that I found, but it was so nice to be able to enjoy a meal in a more typical restaurant with her as well. After this first visit, I was very impressed with Burton’s allergy commitment, which inspired me to visit again.

Charlottesville, VA

Gluten Free Road Trip

Nutted Wild Rice was one of my favorite road trip meals this trip!

As many of you know, I have a pretty strong “dedicated gluten free establishments only” rule as I embark on road trips. However, with a backup plan in mind, I broke it to dine at Burton’s Grill in Charlottesville, VA, and it turned out to be a great decision.

Now similar to my aunt, Alyssa would go to any crazy gluten free establishment I found. However, Burton’s is more of your typical all American restaurant.

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

The Bar at Burton’s Grill in Charlottesville

Before our waitress even knew I had a food allergy, she began her introduction by telling us how the restaurant caters to those with food allergies. It was an open kitchen, so it was easy for both of us to communicate with the chef, as well as see what he was preparing. Here, the manager delivered my meal, which was once again a burger and fries!

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Burger and Fries at Burton’s Grill in Charlottesville

While not too exciting, I didn’t really want to try something completely new on a road trip either! I was very appreciative of my warm meal, as I’m typically eating picnic-style on my road trips. Once again the burger was cooked to order, and our waitress brought out extra ketchup for the fries! Alyssa also had a burger, and the gluten-filled hamburger roll had that perfect crinkle sound!

We didn’t stay for dessert, but the table next to us (without dietary requirements) was shocked to find out that their dessert was gluten free. The manager explained that since they cater to so many gluten free guests, they do use gluten free flours in many of their dessert options.  Pretty cool!

And for any of you road tripping through Charlottesville, we also stopped by Monticello. It was definitely a worthwhile historical stop.

An Allergy Friendly Chain: Burton's Grill

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, VA

After this road trip, I am officially back in Colorado and situated to return to work. But, don’t worry, I still have plenty of stories, restaurant reviews, and more from my travels to share with y’all in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

And to my Fiesta Friday friends, that’s about it from here! This Thanksgiving weekend, I’m especially grateful for all my family and friends who detour to special restaurants to include me in their dining experiences. Check out my Travel Reviews Map for more restaurant reviews all across the U.S. with celiac disease and food allergies in mind.

And, as always, happy cooking!

P.S: As I stated earlier, chains can be inconsistent, but Burton’s has a strong allergy commitment. I’ve had great experiences at Burton’s Grill and read wonderful reviews on Find Me Gluten Free. So, if you want to know if there’s a Butron’s near you, here’s a list!


  • 94 Derby St., Hingham, MA (The Derby Street Shoppes)
  • 145 Turnpike St., North Andover, MA (Englewood Shops)
  • 43 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA
  • Northshore Mall, Peabody, MA
  • 1 Cornerstone Square, Westford, MA


  • 100 Evergreen Way, South Windsor, CT (The Shops at Evergreen Walk)


  • The Shops at Stonefield, Charlottesville, VA
  • 741 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA (Marketplace at Hilltop)

New Hampshire

  • 310 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH (Pheasant Lane Mall)

South Carolina

  • Towne Centre, Mt. Pleasant, SC


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