Congratulations, Tomatoes, and Printing

What do these three highlights have in common?! Very little, but there are many exciting things happening over here at GF Life 24/7 that I wanted to share!


GF Life 24/7's GFAF Springfield GiveawayCongratulations, Katie K. and Donna T.!  They each won a ticket to the Springfield GFAF Expo coming to Massachusetts the last weekend of October! I must admit, I was pretty nervous to throw my first giveaway, but I was blown away by the number of you that entered so far. And, I cannot wait to see y’all at the expo!

Remember you still have one last chance to win in next week’s giveaway. You can enter once a day, and be sure to have your friends enter too! 🙂 


Some of my favorite cooking adventures, don’t always make my blog. A little while back, I made Feed Me Phoebe’s Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice (Yemista) that was featured in her Meatless Monday series. I loved it! If you want to find my recipes, recipes I love, or random inspiring quotes, feel free to follow me on Pinterest! (This recipe has been pinned up there for awhile!)

Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

Greek Baked Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice


While I haven’t updated the recipes to make them completely Pinterest friendly yet, I have updated them to make them printer friendly. As of last night, all my recipes have a “Print” button! This means that you can print them without a slew of comments on the following pages. 🙂

GF Life 24/7 is Printer Friendly!

See the Print Button on the Watermelon Delight Recipe!

That’s all from here! Have a wonderful rest of the week, and I’ll have a new recipe up by Friday!

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