Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

Yum! First of all, you know that I love my character dining from my reviews of Chef Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom, Akershus in EPCOT, and Goofy’s Kitchen in Disneyland. (I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of Garden Grill, but that’s because of the blander food.)

A Celiac Review of Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel!

Goofy’s Kitchen is my favorite character dining option because you can get food from the steakhouse next door! Read more in my review!

However, I always put out a disclaimer that if you have an anaphylactic allergy to a trace of peanut dust (or something similar) these spots may not be for you. The characters move from table to table, and collect traces of food. Now, without further ado, let’s hear about Crystal Palace!

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

Winnie the Pooh was all dressed up for Christmas when we arrived!

Crystal Palace is a magical spot just off of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Here, you’ll find your favorite pals from Winnie the Pooh, just waiting to dine with you. There’s Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger. (Apparently, you have to go to EuroDisney to meet Rabbit.)

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

Eeyore is one of my favorite characters!

When you arrive, you’ll declare your celiac disease and/or food allergies at the check-in. (And, on your reservation, that’s just the polite thing to do.) A chef will promptly come to your table. He or she will then guide you around the buffet to discuss all the different options they can prepare for your food allergies. You will then order, BUT he or she will prepare it in the back for you. You will NEVER eat off the buffet- that’s just a cross-contact nightmare!

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

My specially prepared fruit bowl. Yum!

Since I have a lot of food allergies, my options were a bit more limited than most. However, since it’s an all you can eat buffet, the chef made sure that I had plenty of food!

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

My meal! And, he offered to bring even more food by!

The fish was cooked beautifully, and the vegetables were seasoned well. So while this meal may not rock your socks off, it’s filling and delicious. I love that Disney has found a way to allow those with celiac and food allergies to enjoy these buffet character dining experiences safely. 🙂

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

Might not be the most exciting meal, but it’s well prepared, seasoned, and safe!

Gluten Free Character Dining at Crystal Palace

I certainly had enough food that I felt I received my money’s worth!

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Happy Travel Tuesday, and have a magical week!

P.S: This review is simply a reflection based on my personal experience at this restaurant (Dec. 2015).

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