Gluten Free in California

Gluten Free in California

A fun hike to the Hollywood sign!

Driving up the coast of California is such an eye-opening experience as you see the scenery change from red rocks and sand to luscious green vineyards and forests.

As the third largest and the most populous state, California has a lot to offer.  I loved the state’s diverse array of tourist attractions too, including hiking to the Hollywood sign, visiting the Full House house (that is now purple), and driving through a tree.

Gluten Free in California

Bixby Bridge- Key Landmark as You Drive Up the Coast

As many of you know, I’m traveling across the country for a few weeks and documenting my adventures in a video form. And, I always focus on the food I find that is celiac and food allergy friendly. Since California provided so much adventure (and I wanted to keep my clips short), I made two videos for y’all!

Southern California: LA and Long Beach

Gluten Free in California

AmazeBowls, LA Food Truck

My favorite LA find was AmazeBowls, a food truck. All of their açai bowls, pitaya bowl and smoothies are dairy free. While the bowls come topped with hemp granola, you can choose KIND gluten-free granola instead.

I also tried some dedicated gluten free restaurants, such as Shop House: Southeast Asian Kitchen, Powerplant Superfood Cafe, and Anandamide.

Learn more about these dining experiences in the video below!

Northern California: San Francisco and Fairfield

Gluten Free in CaliforniaWhile I moved through Northern California a bit faster than the southern part, I had an opportunity to make a few stops. We enjoyed an arepa from a dedicated gluten free establishment, Pica Pica, in San Francisco.

Plus, we went on a tour of the Jelly Belly factory, which smelled like sugar! The newest jelly belly flavor is guava, which was not yet available to try. This year jelly belly also teamed up with Budweiser to make a draft flavored jelly belly (that is still gluten free)! Learn more in the video below!

It’s impossible to hit all the highlights in two videos, but one other notable landmark I saw along my drive was a tour of Hearst Castle. Not only does the building have amazing architecture, but it provided a beautiful view of the ocean as well.

Gluten Free in California

Hearst Castle

While California has a lot to offer celiac diners, many of the establishments are smoothie shops and bakeries. I’m very excited to be heading up to the Pacific Northwest this week, where there are a lot of dedicated gluten free sit-down restaurants as well! I’m even celebrating St. George’s Day at a cider bar with a dedicated gluten free kitchen!

And, finally, to my Fiesta Friday friends, I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as well. I can’t wait to hear about your plans too.

Sending lots of sunshine your way!

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