Gluten Free in New Orleans

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

A New Orleans Classic- Not Gluten Free!

I love to travel. On my drive out to the winter wonderland of Colorado, I had the opportunity to stop in New Orleans with my friend Alyssa. Of course, we stopped by Cafe Du Monde. While there are no gluten free options, this is a classic New Orleans treat that I still loved to experience through my friend.

Once we left Jackson Square, we travelled to two “dedicated gluten free” establishments: Superfood Bar and FARE. I absolutely loved FARE, but had my doubts about the Superfood Bar. In my descriptions below you will learn more about both of these spots to figure out if one (or both) is for you!

The Superfood Bar

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)The Superfood Bar has a wide array of smoothies/juices, as well as a menu that mainly focuses on raw dishes. Now, I’m not the biggest raw food person, but I loved the crunchy bit to this dish.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

Butternut Squash Salad

Now, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the whole dish after the crunchy bit. It wasn’t a filling meal to me; however, I’m sure some raw foodies may love this dish.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

Adding the Dressing

My friend, Alyssa, enjoyed her smoothie, which is one of the Superfood Bar’s specialties. Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

Lastly, the reason I wasn’t impressed with the Superfood Bar was the lack of knowledge by the waitress. When I alerted her of my allergies, she went back to find the chef. He told her everything that met my dietary needs, and noted that one of the breads in the store was not gluten free. She was completely unaware that at this “dedicated gluten free spot” there was a non GF bread. However, I’m fairly certain it was made out of house, and I felt very comfortable with my dietary choices nonetheless.


Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)FARE may have just overtaken Dempsey Bakery (Little Rock, Arkansas) as my favorite dedicated gluten free establishment. Similar to the Superfood Bar, they had a wide array of smoothies and also aim to be a “health foods” store. They also have a line of meals, dressings, and some tasty desserts.

Now, not only did I love the staff at FARE, the food looked delectable. Here are a few of the samplings you’ll see as you walk in.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

The Entrance!

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

On Display

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)


My friend Alyssa tried one of the cupcakes and liked it more than the cookies I’m about to tell you about, which I loved. (They all contained cinnamon or something else I couldn’t eat.) Next, while these cookies are not traditional, I was raving about them. They’re a little chunkier, and remind me of a graham cracker taste.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The chocolate chip was my absolute favorite!

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

After a Bite

I could have done without the chocolate cookies, even though they’re so similar!

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

And Another Bite

The cookies had a unique taste. They don’t replicate a cookie exactly, but that doesn’t mean they’re not tasty. I loved them, and Alyssa (a gluten eater) enjoyed them too. Now, while I didn’t try them, I was impressed with FARE’s refrigerated section, which included dressings, meals, etc.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

FARE’s Homemade Dressings

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

I tried the quinoa salad, which didn’t have enough flavor for my liking. However, I was glad to have a meal on the road that I didn’t make!

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

Quinoa Salad

Lastly, the smoothies! I asked for a recommendation, and tried one of their green smoothies. The taste of ginger may have been overwhelming, but I really liked the spice that it brought to the drink. The smoothie was thin, and perfect for my mood. It was both refreshing and rejuvenating.

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)

While I may not be the biggest “health foods” stores, FARE had some of the best gluten free desserts. They didn’t seem overwhelmingly “earthy crunchy” to me either. All and all, FARE was one of my favorite food stops of this road trip, alongside Burton’s Grill.

What’s your favorite part of New Orleans? Do you ever plan pit stops based on restaurants in the area?!

Gluten Free in New Orleans (Reviews)My Fiesta Friday Friends: This weekend, I’ll be making a short trip to Colorado Springs, where I’ll reunite with my best friend from college at Coquette’s, a dedicated gluten free sit-down restaurant! And, if you want to know more about my travels, feel free to check out my travel reviews map!

That’s about all from here! Happy Cooking!


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