100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland, Oregon!

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland, OregonWhile NYC and Chicago are known as big cities with gluten free options, I’ve found my favorite spots in smaller cities on the west coast. A quick trip to Find Me Gluten Free will show over 20 dedicated gluten free establishments in Portland, Oregon alone!

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR

Today, we’re going to quickly review the 5 restaurants I visited during my 2 days in the city. BUT, if you have any more detailed questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below, and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.

Kyra’s Bake Shop

Gluten Free in the Pacific Northwest

Hipster Cupcake

As a three time winner of Cupcake Wars, Kyra’s Bake Shop probably has some of the best gluten free baked goods in the country. There is an array of specialty flavors, and I found the Hipster Cupcake to be adorable. (My gluten-eating friend claims this gluten free treat was delicious as well.)

HOWEVER, if you have additional food allergies Kyra’s Bake Shop may not be the spot for you. They do have some dairy free options, but for other food allergies, you should certainly call ahead to see if they can feed you.

Verde Cocina: A Pacific NW Farm to Fork Café

Gluten Free in the Pacific Northwest

A Real Gluten Free Meal from Verde Cocina

This is one of my favorite restaurants across the country. Verde Cocina focuses on putting vegetables into all of it’s meals. HOWEVER, the restaurant itself isn’t obnoxious about healthy eating.

Instead, the dishes look like typical meals you’d find at a restaurant. And, they’re full of flavor, especially the marinade on my steak.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portalnd, OR

A Look Inside Verde Cocina

With a fresh bite and nothing overwhelmingly heavy, Verde Cocina was the perfect stop on my drive across the county.


Gluten Free in the Pacific Northwest

And, Harlow in Portland is adorable as well!

Harlow is a trendy little café featuring both a gluten free food menu as well as extensive juice and smoothie options. I just loved the decor on the inside, and I loved the Melody juice so much, I went both days I was in the city to grab one.

The food menu is less up my alley, but it could still certainly be tasty. These are meals that you will know were designed to be either raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc. The serving size is plenty large, and I really did enjoy the sauce on my bowl.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Harlow PDX

Lastly, Harlow also serves alcoholic beverages, so you can always come back at night for a special treat.

Cultured Caveman

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portalnd, OR

One of their Food Trucks!

The Cultured Caveman fits in its own little niche- paleo dining. They have adorable food trucks and a storefront in Portland. I found that even the food truck is pretty good at accommodating a wide array of food allergies. I’m not particularly interested by paleo options, so I may not be the best to review this spot. I did find some of the food to be a little dry/bland. HOWEVER, the options are all gluten free and I recommend that if you’re paleo to check it out (rather than taking my word on it). 


100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

A trip to the Pittock Mansion will give you a beautiful view of the city!

Portland is filled with many safe gluten free options for individuals with all different tastes and dietary preferences! My favorites were a meal from Verde Cocina that is fresh and flavorful without seeming like a health meal, and a juice from Harlow PDX. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to go to Portland, OR and tell me about what you find too!

Have you been to Portland, Oregon?! What was your favorite gluten free find? And, what’s your favorite thing to do either in the city or nearby?

Have a wonderful week!

*All reviews were current as of May 2015.

P.S: More impressions in this video!


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