Gluten Free Road Trip (AZ, UT, NV)

Road trips are my kind of vacation. I start packing the day of my trip. I know where I’m stopping each night, but sometimes I make up some detours on the road. To me, it’s the perfect type of planned spontaneity.

Gluten Free Road Trip (UT, AZ, NV)

My Impromptu Trip to the Delicate Arch (Moab, UT)

Gluten Free Road Trip (UT, AZ, NV)

Tri State Post

And of course, some of my best road trip memories come from the friends I have with me. One of my favorite memories was when my friend and I ventured (completely out of our way) down a dirt road to the Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota border.

Now, all that’s there is a small brick marking, but we took a ton of pictures, stood in all three states at once, and laughed louder than I have before. It’s even where I took my profile picture for all of GF Life 24/7’s social media accounts. And, who wouldn’t remember singing songs about dirt roads while meandering miles away from home.

Gluten Free Road Trip (UT, AZ, NV)

The Original “Social Media” Picture for GF Life 24/7

So, clearly I’m a fan of road trips. This past week I embarked on my fourth road trip since my celiac diagnosis. It’s my favorite way to travel with celiac disease and food allergies because I carry all my food in the second row of my car. We could be stranded and eat for days. Plus, I can venture out of my way to dedicated gluten free bakeries and restaurants that I would never get to visit otherwise.

Gluten Free Road Trip (UT, AZ, NV)

Great Grubbing, a dedicated gluten free dining establishment, in Last Vegas!

This road trip is the big whammy of them all. At the end, I’ll have travelled to (and done something in) 48 states in the last year. (Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii!) So, to document it, I’m trying something new and exciting. Every few days a new video will appear on my YouTube Channel. It’ll be around 3 minutes, and give you jut a glimpse of my road trip to date.

Without further ado, here are the two videos that premiered this week. The first will take you on a journey as you see how I pack my car and a few highlights of my past road trips.

And, this second film shows bits of my first two days, as I ventured through the less populated parts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.

Now, to all my Fiesta Friday friends, you should know that I am currently comfortable staying in California. I’m currently enjoying the kumquat trees and rose gardens of Scripps College. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be on the road again.

Gluten Free Road Trip (UT, AZ, NV)

Claremont, California

To follow live, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, look for tweets on Twitter, find my picture of the day on Instagram, or even enjoy the occasional update on my Facebook Page.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

P.S.: This trip is extra special because one of the biggest hurdles for people with severe dietary constraints can be traveling. With Celiac Awareness Month coming up in May, I’m glad I’ll have this trip to reflect upon. 🙂


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