Hiking Pikes with Plenty of Chocolate!

I don’t like bars. I know many celiacs swear by them, and hikers too. Somehow, I’m a celiac who loves to hike, but I am yet to become a fan of bars. Fortunately, there is plenty of other food to pack for the trail.

Last weekend, my friend and I hiked Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Standing at 14,114 ft high, it’s known as one of the 14-ers in Colorado. You might not think you know this mountain, but it’s actually the inspiration for Katherine Lee Bates’ infamous song, America the Beautiful! 

Now, the Barr Trail up Pikes is 12.6 miles long (one-way). However, the sign at the bottom says 13 miles, AND since we got lost, we made the trip a full 26 miles (or a marathon in our minds). The catch to hiking Pikes is avoiding the afternoon thunderstorms, which is why we left at 1 AM. (It was also an excuse to see the sunrise!)

Pikes Peak

Pikes is one of the easiest 14-ers, but you still gain 7,500 feet of elevation. And, three thousand of those come in the last three miles. Fortunately, while your lungs are struggling, the view is absolutely beautiful above the tree line.

Pikes PeakAnother benefit to leaving early is that there are plenty of active animals early in the morning! So, before we dive into the “recipe” of the day, here are a few of my favorite moments from the hike!

Pikes Peak

Proud Billy Goat Gruff

Pikes Peak

“Hi There!”

Pikes Peak

Now, are you ready for today’s quick recipe? We already established that don’t like bars, and I BARELY like granola. Therefore, I packed plenty of fruit, water, and Mango Mania Clif ropes. The ropes rip apart making them perfect to share with your hiking buddies.

However,  I still need a compact hiking snack. Therefore, my favorite thing to pack for the trail is my “chocolate-fied” granola. Because everything is better with chocolate!

Not-Quite-a-Recipe for Granola

Celiac Friendly and free of the Top 8. Make sure you buy ingredients that meet your allergy needs. 

  1. Buy your favorite bag of granola and mini chocolate chips. Chocolate Granola!
  2. Mix half of the granola and chocolate chips together in a Ziplock. Chocolate Granola!
  3. Add remaining chocolate chips to the granola bag! Chocolate Granola!
  4. Pack in your bag! Chocolate Granola!

I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate flavored items, so adding your own chips gives your granola it’s own rich taste. Plus, you can determine just how much chocolate you want. In my case, a whole bag full!

While I love my chocolate granola, my favorite treat that I brought to the top of Pikes was an Enjoy Life Chocolate Bar. Clearly, I’m a chocoholic. 🙂Pikes Peak

So, where’s your favorite place to hike?! Favorite snack for the trail?! Or do you have a bar that you’re CONVINCED I would like?  

And to my Fiesta Friday friends, I have NO IDEA what I’m up to this weekend, so I’ll let y’all next week! Hopefully this flashback is exciting for y’all though. 🙂


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