I love to travel and share my restaurant reviews with y’all. This map is an easy way to read about the restaurants I’ve tried near you! The blue dots are dedicated gluten free establishments, which are the safest for those with celiac disease. 🙂

Map Key!

Click on a pin to learn more about the restaurant! Be sure to zoom in on Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts, because there are a lot of pins close together.

  • Map Key Blue pins are 100% GF restaurants. Click on a pin to learn more about the restaurant. Purple pins have  a dedicated GF kitchen, but also serve food containing gluten in the restaurant. Red pins represent a typical restaurant with a gluten kitchen. Be sure to read about their cross-contact controls in my posts!
  • Map Key Will bring you to a list of the restaurants organized into 3 categories: U.S., Disney, and International.
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