Magical Mondays: The Real Port Adventure Experience

The best part about the Disney Cruise is seeing a new part of the world, while in the comfort of celiac and allergy friendly on-board dining. But, what about when you leave the ship?!

As we discussed last week, at Castaway Cay, Disney’s Private Island, you’ll be able to pre-order meals to eat on the island. But my favorite ports were in foreign countries, where it’s not quite so simple. In fact, we went to Cozumel, Jamaica, and the Grand Caymans.

In Jamaica, I saw a local fruit vendor (who only had fruit on his cart) at the bottom of Mystic Mountain. Therefore, with a low risk of cross-contamination, I explained my food allergies and asked if he would clean his knife.Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Mango, Jamaica

While less aware of dietary restrictions than the cruise ship, he was friendly, sweet, and very helpful. I then bought (a ridiculously cheap) mango and bananas. The mango turned out to be the sweetest mango I’ve had to date- pure dessert.Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Mango, Jamaica

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Mango, Jamaica

Best Mango I’ve Eaten (Mystic Mountain, Jamaica)

But, you can’t count on finding a delicious mango. In fact earlier that same day, our table looked quite different.

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Packing

On full-day adventures, be sure to pack tons of factory-sealed products. My mom and sister enjoyed real Jamaican jerk chicken.

Jamaica was our only full-day port adventure, where my mom and sister received a full meal. They had Jamaican jerk chicken, which is apparently delicious, but nothing like what we eat in America. Fortunately, as you can see in the picture above you can bring plenty of snacks off the boat with you!

What should you pack for Port Adventures?!

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- PackingAt least on the 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise we were allowed to take off factory sealed products. There were a ton of products the incoming country looks for such as fruit, but apparently once it’s processed enough to be in a factory sealed product, nobody minds the fruit coming overseas. Here are a few of the snacks that I packed!

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Packing

As you can see, we packed Whole O’s, Glutino’s Pretzels, Clif Z-Fruits, That’s It Fruit Bars, and Enjoy Life chocolate bars. Now, we were cautious and packed three separate Glutino pretzel bags, so that each day  we were always bringing off a factory-sealed product. Honestly, nobody ever checked my bags that closely, but I would definitely do the same thing again.

What other food products should I pack?!

Factory-sealed items are essential to port adventures. However, your first day on board the ship will be the one where they have the least amount of food ready for you. Plus, you never know if you’ll be delayed at the airport, waiting to board, etc. Therefore, I recommend packing a hearty meal to eat the day of the cruise! It doesn’t have to be able to make it through security, just eat it before you board the ship!

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- Packing

Pasta Salad for the Plane

Port Adventures on The Disney Cruise- PackingAnd, if you fly Jet Blue (or maybe some other airlines), you might be able to pick up a free gluten free snack aboard the plane too!

Just remember to pack factory-sealed snacks for port adventures, and you’ll never go hungry! But, don’t worry, if you forget, there will be plenty of food available when you get back on the ship. Just be sure to hunt down a head waiter or chef!

Have a Magical Week!


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