Quiero Arepas (A Dedicated GF Food Truck!)

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)

Quiero Arepas Window

Last week as I made a brief trip home for Easter, I stopped by Quiero Arepas on my way to DIA (Denver International Airport). And, boy, was it a worthwhile stop!

Quiero Arepas is a special place. It’s a Venezuelan food truck, serving up delicious arepas. Igor, one of the owners is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. And, secondly, it’s a dedicated gluten free food truck. That’s a huge deal for anyone with celiac disease like me.

Plus, everyone wants more arepas! They’ve won awards such as best food truck in Denver, and were featured on station such as the Food Network, Cooking Channel, and CBS.

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)

How awesome is the dinosaur bike rack outside of the food truck?!

So, what is an arepa?

An arepa is a bread found in Venezuela made of white cornmeal, water, and salt. (This means the “flatbread” is dairy and egg free too.) While arepas can be served in a variety of ways, grilled, fried, or baked, those from Quiero Arepas are grilled. In essence, it’s a big filling grilled, “flat bread” sandwich! Here, you can fill your arepa with either some traditional fillings or some modernized ones as well.

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)

My first arepa!

What do they serve at Quiero Arepas?

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)The menu at Quiero Arepas changes each day, but you can check out some of the staple menu items on their website. The menu items include arepas and plantains. You can even modify an item, such as I chose to do.

I was so impressed by Igor and Beckie’s welcoming nature. They were great about answering all my additional food allergy questions as well. They even did a beautiful job packing my arepa to go. 🙂

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)

An Arepa To Go

 So, how was the food?

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)I loved my arepa! I didn’t get the sauce, so it wasn’t too heavy, but the best part was the bread itself. The arepa was crispy, and not too chewy. Plus, it holds together well to keep in all the fixings. The meat was so flavorful!

This was by far some of the best fast food that you can find in Denver, and I love how it has a bit of cultural flare. It’s not often that I find a dedicated gluten free establishment with non-American cuisine. 🙂

How do I find Quiero Arepas?

Quiero Arepas (Dedicated GF Food Truck)Quiero Arepas is fairly easy to find (for a food truck) in Denver. While they don’t serve food every day, you can find their schedule on their website. Some common locations include the Anschutz Campus, Platt Park Brewing Co., and Fermaentra.

Additionally, Quiero Arepas is fairly active on all their forms of social media. In particular, they are great about posting closing time updates on Twitter.

My Wrap Up

I loved the food at Quiero Arepas. I only wish they were located closer to my hometown. It’s also very well priced (especially for gluten free food) with all sandwiches around 8 or 9 dollars. For those of you in the Denver area, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

What’s upcoming?!

This is my last weekend in Colorado before embarking on my next road trip. This one will be the longest yet, and filled with lots of gluten free food finds as always. Be sure to follow on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook for up to the minute updates!

How to Road Trip with Celiac Disease

Oklahoma Sky (From Gluten Free Road Trip #1, May 2014)

Lastly, to my Fiesta Friday friends, I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Happy Cooking, and have a wonderful weekend!


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