I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the US, and while there I’ve reviewed restaurants just for y’all. My favorite way to see where I’ve been is the map below. Or, you can choose to solely look at dedicated gluten free establishments. Lastly, I’m a frequent visitor of Disney, so you can click to read those below too.


Dedicated Gluten Free Establishments

My Disney Reviews

gluten free in atlantis

Finally, do you just want to read reviews about where you’re from or where you’re headed? If none of the methods above float your boat, below you will my Restaurant Reviews organized by regions.

Regions of the US

Regions of the US

Click on a region to learn more!

Gluten Free in New England

Gluten Free in the Mid Atlantic

Gluten Free in the Midwest

Gluten Free in the South

Gluten Free in the West

Gluten Free in the Northwest

For more information or any questions, please reach out to me on my Contact Me page. Note: Restaurants may have changed management, etc. since these articles were published.