Ruby’s Cafe- 100% Gluten Free in Adelaide

Ruby’s Organic Cafe is the only dedicated gluten free establishment that I visited in South Australia. You won’t find this spot when visiting the city center since it’s technically in Stirling, but if you have a car it’s worth a drive, especially for breakfast.

Ruby's cafe dedicated gluten free adelaide south australia

Ruby’s Cafe: 29 Mount Barker Rd, Stirling SA 5152

I love all spots that are dedicated gluten free because I can bring my friends without asking a thousand questions. Ruby’s menu does include quite a few eggs, so if eggs aren’t your thing you will be more limited by your options. I had a mushroom toast with a bit of chickpea mash and balsamic. The meal traditionally comes with rosemary, which I can’t eat; however, they were more than happy to make me my own batch of mushrooms, so it was nice and fresh too!

rubys cafe adelaide mushroom toast chickpeas

Mushroom Toast with Chickpeas Mash and Balsamic

My meal was quite tasty! As someone who doesn’t normally eat many chickpeas, I was surprised by how well all the flavors blended together. Everyone I traveled with enjoyed their meals; however, you would definitely know that you weren’t eating at a typical restaurant. And, I didn’t find my meal particularly filling. For these two reasons, I’d recommend it for breakfast or brunch. 

While I had a positive experience here many online reviews do complain about customer service, which I could imagine being an issue with a few of the staff members that I met. However, like I said above, they accommodated my additional food allergies. (Although this meant that I dealt with a supervisor, and she was very sweet.)

Outdoor Seating!

Outdoor Seating!

Finally, before I leave the topic of Adelaide, I wanted to give a brief shout out to Enzo’s. While I forgot to take photographs this small Italian chain has some gluten free dishes (including pasta). They cook all gluten free pastas on a  separate day with cleaned (and/or different) equipment. It’s more of a quick service spot or you can pick up a loaf of their gluten free bread. Feel free to call them for more details if you visit Adelaide (or ask me in the comments below)!

kangaroo island seal

Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island

Next week will be my last blog post about South Australia before we move up to Queensland, and it’s all about Kangaroo Island- my favorite part of my time down south!

Happy Travel Tuesday!

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