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Saddleridge is a fine dining restaurant in Beaver Creek known for both its wine and meat selection.  For those with Celiac Disease who eat meat, Saddleridge has an array of cuts for you to try.  They are also well prepared to deal with cross-contamination.  The first time I dined at Saddleridge my waiter had been sent to a Celiac/allergy training program.  Then, on my most recent visit, after we discussed my options, they left a marked up copy of the menu with me, so I could continue to look over it!

I’m a big meat eater, so I always enjoy Saddleridge.  With my allergies, I find that there is a wider array of options for appetizers.  Apparently, I was in a healthy mood because I ordered the Warm Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  While they had to eliminate the cheese and vinaigrette due to my allergies, I was able to have it with pecans and bacon.  The bacon certainly made the appetizer.  However, after ordering, I saw my sister’s Sweet and Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps.  They are gluten free as well, and were absolutely delicious.  She ordered a double order as a meal.  However, that would be my first choice for an appetizer the next time I dine at Saddleridge.

Brussel Sprouts and Lettuce Wraps Appetizers

Brussel Sprouts and Lettuce Wraps Appetizers

Fillet Entrée

Fillet Entrée

For my entrée, I could pick almost any cut of beef I wanted, but I was fairly limited for my options of sides.  I choose the 7 oz. filet mignon with the baby carrots.  Typically the baby carrots come with a maple glaze and candied beans.  While I couldn’t have the candied beans due to my Celiac Disease, I also had to skip out on the maple glaze due to my cinnamon allergy.  While the entrée was not the most exciting, it was still tasty, and I appreciated the salt they brought over to supplement for the lack of sauce.

Overall, I love Saddleridge for their cuts of beef, allergy friendliness, and atmosphere.  As they give you your check, the waiter calls Dial-A-Ride (the Beaver Creek shuttle system) to pick you up.  It’s important if you are dining here to call ahead with your allergies, even though you will be confirming them the night of as well.  

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