Travel Tuesday: Gluten Free at T. Loft in Kansas City

t. Loft in Kansas CityToday, we’re going on a new adventure. Instead of diving into the depths of celiac and allergy friendly dining at Disney World, we’re going to begin reviewing some gluten free restaurants I found across the country on my last road trip. And, what better place to start than the middle of the country at T. Loft in Kansas City.

T. Loft is a dedicated gluten free establishment, which means it’s one of the safest places to dine for those with celiac disease. They also pride themselves on using no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. I was on a real juice kick during the drive across the country, so I didn’t try anything else. But the juices were at the top of my list, alongside Harlow in Portland, OR.

T Loft in Kansas City

t. Loft has something for everyone from light and refreshing juices to richer smoothies.

t. Loft in Kansas City

They also serve breakfast meals. My friend tried one, and enjoyed it! (Clearly it contains dairy, but they do have a wide array of options beyond juices and smoothies.)

While t. Loft is not a deal in terms of prices, it is definitely reasonably priced compared to many juice shops. Juices by nature, incorporate so much fresh produce that they’re bound to have some cost. However, t. Loft was not astronomically priced.

t. Loft in Kansas City

t. Loft’s Offerings

t. Loft in Kansas City

Additional Food Offerings- The protein balls receive positive reviews on Google.

Beyond its healthy mission, my favorite part of T. Loft was the decor. It’s an updated and calming style. I also loved how there was no pretentious or judgmental feel despite the café’s focus on healthy foods.

t. Loft in Kansas City

The Entrance to t. Loft

t. Loft in Kansas City

Plenty of seating!

t. Loft in Kansas City

And, one super cute section. :)

While we went to the T. Loft in Kansas City (Stateline), there are also locations in Leawood and Lawrence, KS. And, a second location in Kansas City will be opening up this month too at 200 W. 47th St. If you’re in Missouri, and looking for a gluten free spot, this is one you should definitely check out. There isn’t much like it in the area!

t. Loft in Kansas City

t. Loft in Kansas City

Come back next Tuesday to read more about dedicated gluten free establishments on the west coast!

Happy Cooking, and have a wonderful week!

P.S: Want to read more gluten free reviews. Every blue pin on my Maps page is a dedicated gluten free restaurant!

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