The Tinfoil Solution

Last week I ended my road trip with the Sunrise Ascent Up Mount Washington, an annual fundraiser for a non-profit, Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country. We had beautiful weather, perfect for all the athletes. Moreover, Tyler Walker and Laurie Stephen (two amazing paralympians) completed the climb unassisted. As you can see in the video below, it was a pretty awesome weekend! 


Now, to the FOOD! When I arrived in NH with my mom and sister, we assumed that we had left gluten free cooking utensils up there. Apparently, we only left pots and pans. Therefore, as we started to make sloppy joes, we didn’t have a gluten free strainer or wooden spoon.

Both of these need to be GF! Think of all the little holes in the strainer that collect gluten, and the wooden spoon’s absorptive properties.

So, I headed off to our local general store, but with it’s small size, the only cooking utensil I could find were plastic spoons. With the closest grocery store being at least forty minutes away, I returned home. 

Fortunately, my little sister watches Cutthroat Kitchen, and learned that tinfoil is the solution to EVERYTHING in the kitchen.  We thoroughly cleaned all our kitchen utensils, and proceeded to wrap them in tinfoil. 

Solution #1: Tinfoil

The Tinfoil Solution

When we wrapped our utensils in tinfoil we made sure to use two layers. Additionally, we wrapped each piece of tinfoil, such that the open end was up high, so it wasn’t touching the food. 

Solution #2: Paper towels

As for the strainer, we used paper towels. 

The Paper Towel Solution

Keep repeating this process until all the grease is gone. 

The Paper Towel Solution

By the end of the night we went through almost a roll of paper towels! Therefore, while this works in a cinch, I don’t recommend this method unless you’re out of options.

The End! 

After draining the meat, we mixed in all the sauce/flavors. The Tinfoil Solution

And, in the end (despite our crazy methods), we ended up with a beautiful meal. The Tinfoil Solution

What cooking solutions have you come up with when you’re in a jam? And, what’s your favorite unique use for tinfoil?!


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