Traveling to Atlantis (Celiac, DF)

As the weather is starting to warm up (bring on the Allegra and Zaditor), I figured it was finally time to recap my experience in Atlantis with celiac disease and food allergies. Who knows, maybe you’re heading there soon too!

Celiac and Food Allergy Dining at Atlantis

Atlantis, Bahamas

Dining. This is probably the most important part of anyone’s experience. I found it manageable, but not as easy as Disney. And, of course, there are no 100% GF restaurants.

Pre-Arrival. Contact dining services. You’ll fill out a form with your dietary requirements, your reservations, and any additional foods that you need them to purchase. (Note: Not all locations will have this form, but it’s important to fill out nonetheless.)

Quick Service. Just don’t do it. Make your own breakfast and lunch. I recommend buying the whole fruit though!

Celiac and Food Allergy Dining at Mesa Grill

I received a bowl of whole fruit by the side of the beach! Yum!

Cabanas. If you have the option of a cabana with a refrigerator, it’s definitely helpful if you packed your own lunches. Then, you don’t have to run back up to your room. The cabanas by the adult pool at the Cove have mini fridges. (Side Note: People can smoke in these cabanas.)

Sit Down Meals. While you fill out the same form for all sit down meals, I wouldn’t rate them all equal. And, if you don’t feel comfortable eating somewhere, just leave. You’ll find another option. Here were my three dining experiences.

Mesa Grill.* The menu here is labelled for both gluten free options (note: the menu says celiac), as well as many top allergens. I found the chef to be very accommodating when they came out to my table, and they answered all my questions.

Chop Stix.* While I used the left over rice from my meal over the next few lunches, I do not recommend eating at Chopstix. I felt safe because I knew the few ingredients going into my dish. However, you could have translation problems as well as

Olives.* This was the biggest surprise, and by far my favorite meal. The chef came out and marked up the menu for me. After I decided each course, he hand delivered them and came to check on me throughout the meal. I found that they also knew all the right questions to ask me as well.

Accommodations. And, this may be the second key part of your vacation experience. I stayed at the Cove, which meant I packed the meals I ate for breakfast and lunch. (Quick service options are not good for those with food allergies.) However, you could choose to stay in a location with a kitchen, such as the Reef.

I stayed at the Cove, Image Courtesy of Atlantis

I stayed at the Cove, Image Courtesy of Atlantis

As for other accommodations, such as the Royal Towers, I noticed a lot of smoke from the casino. This would bother me, many asthmatics, etc. However, the Cove was relatively smoke free.


There are a lot of fun things to do in Atlantis. My favorite was the water park. We also had time to paint our own pottery, visit the aquarium, and meet dolphins.

While I enjoyed the beach, it’s important to remember that smoking is allowed by the cabanas. We played games down by the water though and there was no smoke there.

Additionally, you may be more interested in other attractions that I didn’t attend, such as the casinos.

My Favorite Ride at Aquaventure, Courtesy of Atlantis

My Favorite Ride at Aquaventure, Courtesy of Atlantis

Well that’s about it! I had a lot of fun, but I definitely had to plan to pack food for this adventure. It definitely isn’t the easiest gluten free trip, but it’s doable. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Me or write a comment below!

My sister loved the Ben & Jerry's shop by the marina. How cute is that bench?!

My sister loved the Ben & Jerry’s shop by the marina. How cute is that bench?!

I’m also sharing this post with my Fiesta Friday friends, who are hopefully enjoying some newfound springtime weather. Or, if you’re from somewhere cold; hopefully, this post will bring you some warmth.

Have an Awesome Weekend, Y’all!

*Note: Chefs may change and all these dining experiences occurred in January 2015. Remember to stand up for your dietary needs, speaking to a chef is key!


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